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Mitchells & Butler protect 44,000 staff members from the dangers of C02.

Point Safety official distributor of Analox products, has recently been awarded a contract to install carbon dioxide monitors – Cellar Point 50 (manufactured by Analox) in over 1000 hospitality establishments.

Mitchells & Butlers runs many of the UK’s most famous restaurant and pub brands, including All Bar One, Toby Carvery, Harvester and Brown and aims to excel in its duty of care to its employees and customers.

Darren Read the Fire, Health and Safety Manager for Mitchells & Butlers said, “We began installing CO2 monitors in our subterranean cellars a good few years ago, but we now have a full installation plan in place to ensure the safety of all our venues. Mitchells & Butlers operate more than 1700 hospitality businesses across the UK and we have a duty of care, which we take very seriously, to understand all risks associated with that facility.

“Gas detection is just one requirement we feel necessary to implement to protect our 44,000 staff and thousands more customers. Comprehensive safety audits are carried out regularly and we adhere to standards outlined in EH40 and Safe Work in Confined Spaces (2014)and HSE Confined Spaces Regulations(1997).

“We originally requested Analox products as we were aware of the brand and quality of their manufacturing. Point Safety were then appointed as the right installer for us as they can supply, install and service their CO2 monitors competently and effectively. Dealing with Point Safety has been a successful and easy process so far with the initial stages of the installation well on the way.

“I would encourage all businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry, to invest in a CO2 monitor, not only will it mean you adhere to regulations and standards, but it also provides you with ‘peace of mind’ that people would be notified before a potentially deadly leak occurred.

“We pride ourselves on providing great service, outstanding quality and excellent value. We achieve this through award-winning training for all our staff,world-class supply chain management,innovative menu development, and rigorous safety practices.”

So why is CO2 dangerous….don’t I breathe it out?

Many venues within the hospitality industry use cylinders of carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbonate beverages on site, such as fizzy drinks and soda water. The gas can also be used to force drinks along beverage lines like beer, to a dispenser or hand pump. The gas is often stored in a cellar or at the back of the building in a storage space, away from the serving area and customer’s sight. However, these areas often have limited, or no ventilation, and are classified as a confined space and therefore a high risk when it comes to gas, especially CO2.

Although commonly used and is exhaled as part of the atmosphere we breathe, just a small leak of CO2 can cause serious effects on the human body. If even low levels of CO2 (0.5%) are endured for a long period of time, or if levels released into the atmosphere increase to 1.5% (for just 15 minutes) in a confined area, effects could range from headaches, dizziness, sickness or fatalities.

CO2 is invisible, colourless and odourless, how do you know you, your team and customers are protected if you do not have a monitor installed?

Point Safety provides expertise in meeting the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industries, from product recommendations to install and service packages.

Paul Kimberley, Founder and CEO of Point Safety, said “We are delighted to be installing CO2 Cellar Point 50 units, manufactured by Analox, into more than 600 Mitchells&Butlers venues following a successful bid for their gas detection requirements.

“Mitchells & Butlers is a renowned brand within the hospitality industry, which is a great fit for our products and testament to Analox’s well manufactured devices and our quality install and servicing packages. Point Safety provides expertise in meeting the safety monitoring requirements of a broad range of different industries, from product recommendations to install and service packages.

“The dangers of using CO2 are often not treated as seriously as they should be. As low leak of just 0.5% over 8 hours can cause drowsiness and dizziness, a heavier leak can cause labored breathing and in the worst case, death. In order to ensure this never happens, or even gets anywhere near this point you need to install a gas detection monitor.”

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