Sensors & Transmitters

The Basis of a fixed gas detection system is the Sensors and Transmitters which can be specified for most industrial gas types. In the industry we refer to the sensor and transmitter combination as ‘Heads’ 

Each unit (head) will be sited at the predetermined risk area at the correct position and height to allow for the specific gravity of the target gas and other environmental conditions including air flow. 

The sensor will detect the gas and transmit the concentration via a mV or mA signal back to a controller or building management system which will then carry out any executive actions. 

We have a range of SMART sensors and transmitters which include relays so they can be installed as standalone units as well as simple units which require a controller. 

You can browse some of the range at our online shop Gas Monitor Point below but with all fixed systems we feel that it is important for us to understand your application in detail before recommending or purchasing a product. Please contact our fixed detection team who will help with selection.