Temporary Area Monitor

Temporary Area Gas Monitors are mobile gas detection units that are battery operated so offer additional protection for areas where it is difficult to cite traditional installed fixed detection systems.  Similarly they are perfectly designed for applications where the work is temporary such as a shut down where the work areas will change. Using Area Gas Monitors gives the flexibility to move the device around the worksite as necessary. 

Typically Area Gas Monitors will communicate with each other via wireless protocols which allows for setting up a perimeter to a work area. When one unit alarms it will also communicate to all other units on the mesh network which will also alarm offering maximum protection.

Point Safety offers a wide range of detectors with configurations available to suit most applications. 

Please browse some of the range at our online shop Gas Monitor Point below or if you feel you would like to discuss your requirement in more detail please contact our expert team who will be happy to assist in understanding your requirement and helping to select the right unit.